Bubble Wrap®

Bubble wrap® offers ideal protection for packing all your fragile items from dishes, china, glassware, and ornaments to TV’s, pictures, mirrors, and glass tabletops. Lightweight bubble wrap reduces your shipping costs and is great for filling void space. You will need plenty of bubble wrap if you plan on packing your kitchen and china cabinets. Bubble wrap also provides great fun for the kids after the move. Snap, crackle, pop!

Our bubble wrap is available in two sizes (small 3/16″ and large 1/2″ bubbles). All rolls are perforated every 12″ for easy tearing and come 12 inches (1 foot) or 24 inches (2 foot) wide.

Click the product category below for which size Bubble wrap you are looking for. The two choices are:

3/16″ Small Bubbles – Cushioning of light to medium weight products. Use for Glasses, China, Plates, Lamps, Small Electronics, any fragile item, etc.


1/2″ Large Bubbles – Cushioning and/or void fill for light to heavy weight products. Use for Pictures, Mirrors, TV’s, Glass tabletops, Large Electronics, etc.

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