Packing Paper


Packing Paper 5 lbs (Appr. 75 sheets)
item #240

Packing Paper 10 lbs (Appr. 150 sheets)
item #241

Packing Paper 25 lbs (Appr. 375 sheets)
item #242



Packing Paper is clean, easy to use and versatile sheets of inkless paper for pre-wrapping and layering items inside your boxes. It is hard to imagine packing without plenty of this stuff around. Some people use their old newspapers but this gets your hands, dishes and other items dirty.  Many people also purchase bubble wrap for extra protection.


  • 24″ x 36″ Sheets of clean inkless packing paper.
  • Unprinted packing paper keeps items clean.
  • Use packing paper for packing dishes and fine china.
  • Packing paper fills loose voids inside the box making your items more secure.
  • Use with bubble wrap for maximum protection.

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